'Core beliefs are deep cognitive structures that people have held for much of their lives and they are activated across a wide range of situations.They have profound influence on how people feel,appraise situations and see themselves and the world'. Assen Alladin .                                                                                                                       


Hypnotherapy is a deeper state of relaxation which incorporates a certain level of counselling to help identify the triggers of the persons unwanted behaviour  that they would like to change or habit that they would like to alter or permanently change forever.

How does Hypnotherapy Work ?

Hypnotherapy works by inducing deep relaxation in the body and mind and allow's the subconcious mind to be retrained to accept the new desired behaviour or way of being.The client is able to come out of the relaxation at any time during the process.

Allowing this process to happen challenges preconditioned behaviour patterns which need to be changed  and allows the client to access a new way of experiencing life.

How many Sessions will I need ?

Between 4-6 sessions depending on the reason for hypnosis. If the person feels they could benefit from contining with counselling this can be discussed . 


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