'I cannot change another person.I let others be who they are,and I simply love who I am'

                                                                                                 Louise L. Hay


What is Counselling ?

Counselling can help with many different issues which you may feel are holding you back or perhaps a childhood experience or current relationship is facing breakdown.  

These periods of life can feel painful and distressing and the emotional and psychological pain maybe affecting other important relationships in your life , you may feel that now is the time to talk about these current issues and look to the future.

How many sessions do I need ?

I offer short or longer term counselling and psychotherapy. Either 12 weeks to be reviewed after 6-12 weeks or on going. 50 minutes weekly.

If a person feels that they need a longer session a 90 minute session can be arranged . 

If you feel that you would benefit from a FREE 30minute consultation please contact me on 07845 930151 to  have a more indepth chat about your current needs.

Maternal Counselling

I also work with new mums who feel that one to one session would help them adjust and manage the challenges of motherhood,whether its your a first time mum or it the second time round. 




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